AC Transit needs to address some of the challenges that keep the community from riding transit such as frequency, reliability, and availability.  Public transit has an issue with getting people to where they want to go once they get off the bus. First mile/last mile issues are a roadblock to transit. I’d like to see AC Transit work more with other companies to offer solutions to those first mile/last mile issues. We also need more information on the origin and destination of the passengers. We need to understand where our patrons need to go and work together to insure a seamless travel experience.

School transportation service is a big issue that needs to be addressed.  We need to partner with others to insure our youth are getting to school reliably and safely. We should also get more children walking and riding their bicycles to school so that we don’t have as much school car service. Safe Routes to Schools needs to be in every school and supported appropriately. In addition, we need to partner with more employers who support having their employees ride transit. If the employers support it, the employees will take it. I also believe that we need to look at a regional transportation plan to allow people access to affordable and reliable transit across county borders. And we need to insure a safe system both for the riders and the employees.